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.Now the youths of India are● wont to gamble with bananas, because matches▓ are too cost


ly, and we were not surprised ▓that the New Yorker blazed up● wrathfully when the hawker d●emanded two annas for four. He paid ▓the exorbitant price under prote●st, and settled down to break his fast.T●he fruit, however, proved to be long p▓ast the stage when it could ▓app

eal to a sahib taste, and the purchaser ro▓se to shake his fist at the de●ceitful vendor.The shadow of a derisiv●e grin played on the features of the native; th▓e thumb of his outspread hand hovered, ent▓irely by accident, around the end of his no●se; and he fell to chanting a ditty t▓hat a man ignorant of the tong▓ue of Madras would have considered q●uite harmless. “He says,” interpre▓ted Marten, “that your grandfather was the ▓son of a pig, an

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her on the e▓ntrails of a yellow dog; that your gr●andmother gave birth to seven puppies


, an▓d your mo—” But Haywood had snatched open t●he door, and, before the terrified native co▓uld move, he “made his foot go against him beh▓ind” in no uncertain manner.The Hi●ndu shrieked like a lost soul throw▓n into the bottomless pit, abandoned his bask▓et, and ran screaming down the platform.● Barely had the New Yorker regained h●is seat when a native officer appeared at the● window. “What for you strike the coolie”▓ he stammered,

angrily; “You● come with me! I arrest you,” a●nd he attempted to step into the c▓ompartment. 307“Oh, rot!” sho▓uted Marten, “you arrest a white man! Get out ▓of here or I’ll break your ne▓ck.” The policeman tumbled● out precipitately. “Don’t● let him bother you, Haywood●,” went on my partner.“Make him● get a white cop if he wants to arrest you.” ▓ “Huh! Don’t imagine for a minute any● nigger is going to pinch me,” snorted th

, settling down and lighting his pi▓pe. “I’ll get you a whi▓te policeman,” s

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officer was fully● aware of that fact.He stepped into the next co▓mpartment and, ordering the natives wh▓o had been peering at us over the top ▓of the partition to sit down, glued his eye●s upon us.The train went on.As far as the ne▓xt station, Haywood laughed at the threat of● arrest on so slight a charge.Bef●ore we had reached the seco


nd, he had grown▓ serious, and, as we drew near the third, he ▓addressed us in an undertone:— ▓ “Say! I’m going to let this▓ fellow pinch me.” “What!” whi▓spered Marten, “you’re a fool! A nigger pol▓iceman can’t arrest a white man!” “He▓

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